Our Mission

At Maverick Training Center we have one simple mission: to help you toward your own journey of personal improvement by providing a positive training environment, expert instruction, and a feeling of student camaraderie that transcends skill level, gender, or age.

Among our region’s array of gyms and training centers, we believe that the “Maverick vibe” is truly unique. Our facility is a special place to learn and grow, where we guide your training toward the direction and level that you desire.

Qualified, motivated instructors will help you meet your goals. Perhaps most importantly, our students work together and help one another, regardless of age, gender, or degree of athleticism. Put simply, what matters most at Maverick is that everyone shares in the experience of training and developing inside our gym.

Last, we truly hope that our positive spirit of shared discipline can spread outside the gym and help make our community and world a better place!