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Basics (Gi and No Gi)

This is our White Belt Focused Class. Classes are a rotating curriculum that changes week to week, not class to class. This class is meant to introduce the most basic yet important principles, techniques, and concepts to beginners in Jiu-Jitsu. Whether you are a complete beginner or close to your first rank in Jiu-Jitsu, our Basics Class is designed for White Belts to prepare them for their future in Jiu-Jitsu. At Maverick attendance in the Basics Class is a requirement to move from White Belt to Blue Belt. The format of this class is primarily technical and methodical drilling to understand the topic of the week with focused live training rounds at the end of every session.

Fundamentals (Gi and No Gi)

This is our All-Ranks Class. This class is designed for every person in the room from White Belt to Black Belt to be able to take something away whether it be a new technique or concept they can apply in their Jiu-Jitsu. Whether you are a completely new White Belt or a seasoned competitive Black Belt, this class is meant for you as a supplement to the Basics/Advanced Classes. The format of this class is a 50/50 split between technique and live training where all ranks train together.

Advanced (Gi and No Gi)

This is our Blue Belt and above class. The curriculum in this class was designed under the assumption that the student understands the basic principles of Jiu-Jitsu that are taught in our Basics Program and is now ready to build on those. This class will cover everything from the newest Modern Techniques, Advanced Concepts, and Strategies. The format of this class is primarily technical drilling with a strong emphasis on perfect technique and mastery of the topic of the week with live training at the end.

Competition (Gi and No Gi)

This class is designed for anyone interested in competing or for those who just want another day of more intense training. This class is open for any student to attend but is mandatory for Competitors. In this class, you will learn Competitive Strategy, Rules, and Techniques that will help you in a Jiu-Jitsu Tournament. Competition is something we take very seriously at Maverick, and we believe our results show that. This class is designed to prepare students for any scenario they may face in a Competition while also improving their Jiu-Jitsu. The format of this class is primarily live training.

Fundamentals (Muay Thai)

This class is designed for all experience and skill levels. There is no live training in this class. It involves drilling on our pads as well as drilling back and forth with a partner using gloves and shin guards. The purpose of this class is to learn, drill, and improve technique.

Sparring (Muay Thai)

This class is mainly live training. This sparring class is for beginners as well as experienced competitors. There is NEVER hard sparring in our regular sparring class. There is a short time for technique with a partner at the beginning of class which is followed by several live training rounds ranging from beginner sparring drills all the way up to full, live sparring.

Pad Work (Muay Thai)

The intent of this class is to give students more drilling time. The pad work class is comprised of basic combinations and drills with the focus being on having the students work on the pads as often as possible. There is more drilling time in this class than in Fundamentals, as Fundamentals will have more broken-down instruction.

Clinch Focus (Muay Thai)

The clinch class is focused entirely on learning how to use close-range standing grappling techniques and leverage to land elbows, knees, and sweeps. Clinch is what sets Muay Thai apart from most other striking arts and is very intricate, which is why we have a class designed for drilling and learning specifically about this range of fighting. This class is mainly drilling, but there are live training rounds at the end of class. The live training in the clinch class will always exclusively take place in the clinch, so there will be no punches or kicks thrown in the live training of this class.

Competition Sparring (Muay Thai)

This class is designed for people who are interested in competing or fighting at some point in the future. You do not need to fight to come to this class, but the sparring is more competitive. You must have approval from the coach to come to this class, as a certain level of comfort and control during our regular sparring class is required before being allowed to come to competition sparring.

Junior Maverick Training

Kids learn real self-defense techniques and tactical maneuvers because they train or ‘roll’ against a resisting opponent. No simulated methodology or pretend air punching – BJJ requires assignment of a training partner because you simply can’t learn on yourself. Kids must learn respect and how to get along with others so that they can practice the techniques properly. Kids learn to focus and develop problem solving skills. Confidence and an enormous sense of pride comes as they develop the physical skills required for proficiency in BJJ. And by contrast, BJJ is also an exceptional method for teaching kids modesty, grace, peacefulness and humility through the requirement to recognize, acknowledge and concede submission or defeat. All kids classes are taught by Suzanne Ramsden, Maverick Training Center founder and 3rd degree Black Belt. Every class includes assistant coaches to ensure each student receives personalized instruction and individualized attention.

All types of adolescent personalities are represented here, and all participants gain from the physical, emotional and mental benefits of BJJ – shy kids, outgoing kids, kids that have experienced bullying and extraordinarily athletic kids too. We also sponsor a successful Kids Competition Team that travels around the southeast for tournament competitions. Classes begin at age 4 and students are provided with an official BJJ ranking. Children can study BJJ with the Gi (uniform) and without (No Gi).